How does xenforo achieve pretty google search results?

Rho Delta

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Search 8wayrun for example. The way google displays the site description and pages is very pretty. What was the method used to achieve this? I am trying to get something similar to work on a drupal site I own but it does not look good at all in search results right now.
Using Google Webmasters, you can try to minimize the ranking of certain urls, but it's not possible (far as I know) to force the appearance of sitelinks in results. Snippets, you have a bit more control over.
How does it pick up the site description that we enter in the ACP? Mainly what I need is my site description to show up...
Ah, that description is the snippet. You can suggest to Google what you'd like your snippet to be by adding your text in your title. E.g., <title>Stratics is proud to serve as a career path in gaming. We are a family - welcome home!</title> XF is set just to show your board title there, but if you'd like to add more to it, you can edit <title></title> in the PAGE_CONTAINER template.
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