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How Do You Use Xenforo Offline?


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There is a storm in my area that knocked out my internet service provider so I won't have internet for awhile. Posting from McDonalds. I want to work on XenCarta wiki while I'm offline and I think I read somewhere that it's possible setting it up and there's a program for it. What is it called and how do I get it?


Well-known member
xamp doesnt work for me personally, if you run into the same unsolvable issues that I have...use this..

I have had a much better experience with Zend server CE though it may not be the same for you and xamp may just be your ticket.

If you want to find your own you are basically looking for this....http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAMP ... since if I remember right , you are running windows.

I also install it inside a virtual machine... do this if you want to try out software and be able to dump it with it not leaving changes to your actual computer's operating system or suspend and resume guest operating systems as needed.