How Do You Use The Resource Manager?


New member
I am new here having just moved our forum from IPB to xenForo. My forum is paid one where members pay a subscription to have access to our tutorials and support.

I want to make a short course that I charge for that would only last for say 8 weeks. Normally this would be done as part of a separate membership site and nothing to do with the forum.

However my forum members would appreciate access to the course, free of charge as a perk to their existing membership.

I was wondering if I should somehow use the xenForo Resource Manager and present the course as just part of my forum so the paid members get access to it anyway and new people interested only in the short course perhaps get access to only that particular resource section of xenForo.

I am assuming the Resource Manager makes course material easier to present than the forum does by default and that that I can allocate a membership level that gives people access only to a particular set of resources?

Or should I just stick with WishListMember? In other words is this how other people use it?