How do you deal with New Posts counter for users not logged in for a while?


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We use an addon to show the number of new posts as a red number. I think it works well, as you can just go there and get all the updates since your last visit.

However some users only visit once a month so that counter is in the hundreds and too much to read. Apart from the user knowing to mark all forums as read, how do other people deal with this?

Does anyone has a system that automatically clears the new posts and marks them read after say 2 months on not being logged in?
There is a setting in the Admin CP named "Read marking data lifetime". This defaults to 30 days. Therefore after a period of 30 days, any data older than this is considered "read". The Unread Post Count add-on uses the same time period (as does the New Posts page). If you set this to a lower value, less content will be considered "new", so that unread post count number will be lower. That said, having read marking data is useful, e.g. when you click on a thread and it takes you to the first unread post. With a lower setting for read marking data, automatically navigating to the first unread post is less likely to happen unless you last read the thread more recently than the read marking data lifetime.
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