XF 1.1 How do you deal with IE?

Neil E.

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When I use IE8 to look at my XF forum (testing) there are of course no rounded corners. Also, the bigger issue is that IE often fails to handle some CSS and then elements wind up out of place. Some fonts also change (selected navTab font goes weird).

I have noticed some code inserted in XF templates specifically for handling IE. As much as I'd like to ignore IE, many of my users still depend on it. So how do you work with it? Is there some code I need to add to every new template I make? What about all my CSS in EXTRA?

I saw some info on the web that talks about installing files on the server to make IE handle rounded corners. Can anyone provide some insight?
Personally I only make a few minor changes to handle the inadiquacies of IE, as long as it is 90% there, i'm not going to worry about the extra 10%.
I gave up and asked members to install a better browser for a better and safer experience. Many did, IE users have become a relatively small minority and getting smaller every month. I also agree with Slavik.
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