How do you browse the forums?


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Just kind of a question and curiosity but how do you currently browse the forums?

No i don't mean Firefox or Internet Explorer... but when you sign onto XenForo do you click "What's New", or do you check your news feed? Or are you aimlessly browsing every single topic through every category? Any other way?

I myself am a loyal What's New browser, I like to find certain topics that I can easily weed out :D.


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Always mark Test/Bug reports as read, then What's New, open up every link on the page, go to next page, read links from first page, then repeat on each sequential page, check What's New again, open new links, and mark read if I've read all the ones I don't ignore.


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  1. Check the Alerts tab and read all the updated threads and quoted posts.
  2. Check the Watched Threads, just in case I missed any update in the Alerts tab
  3. Mark the Off Topic and Test Messages forums as read.
  4. Hit What's New
  5. Read threads that interest me
  6. Goto step 4 :D
in that order, yeah!


Log In
Check Alerts
Click on an alerts
Check back to alerts
If nothing interested me go to whats new
ignore that german thread that always keeps popping up in there.
Click on a what's new post
Check back the whats new post
if nothing interests me, mark it all read
go start a random thread
go post some suggestions
other other other toher


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Glance at Test Messages → Mark Read
Have You seen...
What's New?
(no following or watching)