How Do I Unfollow Everyone?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Yeah the query is:

DELETE FROM `xf_user_follow` WHERE `user_id`='1';

Replace 1 with your user_id.

But you will also need to do this query:

UPDATE `xf_user_profile` SET `following`='' WHERE `user_id`='1';


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I've just tried this for all users without the 'where' clause & the followers remained.

I just did it via phpmyadmin. Is that the right place to do it? Anything else I need to do?

(for info - post import into XF a lot of my users are followed or are following. We don't have a 'follow' system on our old platform so this may confuse a few members so I want all clearing out while I decide if it's a feature we're going to use or remove via add-on.)