XF 1.5 How do I make a simple link to 'participated threads' for users?


XenForo developer
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Note that the link you've given is actually threads started, rather than threads participated in.

You're likely going to need at least some amount of custom code to setup the route and have it trigger the correct code/behavior.

Stuart Wright

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Thanks, Mike. Ok, so to be clear it's to show all the threads the user has posted in.
What I'm trying to do here is replicate the popular 'Subscribed' and 'Participated' tabs used in Tapatalk.
I guess this is something I'm going to have to get coded, then.
And do I need to start a thread in the Suggestions forum for XF2, or will this serve the purpose?


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Sorry, a new suggestion specifically a page listing threads you've participated in would probably be the best approach.