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XF 1.3 How do I install a new theme?

So, my current site (http://www.apokweb.com/forum/) uses a custom version of the Defiance theme. I want to add an additional theme from my old site (sao-mc.com). The theme in my old site is ALSO based on Defiance. How do i transfer the theme from my old site? Do I just rename the folder to stop conflicts and then place it in the styles folder with filezilla? Because that's what I did, and it doesn't show up...


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Export the style from your old site, import it to your new site.

As well as copying across the files.


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Via the Admin-Panel: Admin->Appearance->Style and then in the list the "Export"-Button on the very right. In your new Forum simply Admin->Appearance->Import Style and you're done.