XF 2.2 How do I hide the Register buttons?

Will Franco

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How do I hide the Register buttons? (and keep registration open)
And then add a new link in the top right navigation?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can tell me how to do this,
Not sure how to remove the register button on the main page but to add a register link in your navigation you need to add it via the public navigation option in your ACP.

ACP > Option > public navigation. Your registration link will be your community's web address and /register. Use that address to create your link in the public navigation option where you want it. It can be in main nav or sub nav. There may already be a 'registration" link option available to you as I cannot recall at the moment.
Depends which Register button(s) specifically you're trying to hide..?

The standard one next to 'Log in' can be hidden using the following CSS in your extra.less template:
.p-navgroup-link--register {
    display: none;
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