How do I Create Custom Post Count Titles


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I need to create custom post count titles for a specific user group (registered users) examples below. I cant seem to find were to do this in the Admin Control Panel or if its even possible. Sorry if its an obvious answer, I may be just over looking it

Newbie = 0-19
Larva = 20-49
Plankton = 50-99
Fish Egg = 100-149
New Little Fish = 150-399
Little Fish = 400-499
Clown Fish = 500-699
Angel Fish = 700-899
Star Fish = 900-1499
Adventure Fish = 1500-1999
Captain Fish = 2000-2599
Legendary Fish = 2600-2999
Magic Fish = 3000-3999
Ultimate Playfish Fan = 4000+


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They're linked.

In your example posted above, once someone has made 20 posts, they will be awarded a trophy and x trophy points, and at the same time their user title will change to Larva.