XF 2.2 How can I show unanswered questions in specific forums?

Stuart Wright

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I want to reduce the number of unanswered threads by adding a menu link to 'Help members'.
shows threads in our classifieds, which aren't appropriate for what I want to achieve.
How do I exclude the classifieds forums? Or better, include only specific core forums?
The search doesn't help because there is no search term.


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I think nicodak is talking about using a "Search forum" -- when you add a node, specify "Search forum" and then specify 0 to 0 for "Reply count" as shown in the above screenshot. You can specify which forums you want the results to come from, and where you want to position the new node in your forum list.

Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 05-13-50 Nodes Pipe Smokers Den - Admin control panel.png

Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 05-17-16 Add search forum Pipe Smokers Den - Admin control panel.png
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