How can I restrict pms for users under X post

Brandon Sheley

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I just had a new user sign up and pm a bunch of members some porn pictures.
I happen to be online so he was banned but I'd like to restrict pm's for users user X post.

I see mods that allow restricting of post/threads and profile comments but didn't see one for pm's
Did I miss it?



XenForo moderator
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At the moment you would need to create an additional user group and manually move members to/from it.

User group promotions come with 1.1 though.

The personal conversation permissions are in with the other permissions.


Digital Doctor

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When 1.1 comes out, you could give the default user no PM permissions.
Then use the upcoming Criteria-based user group promotions to give them permission.

Update: Ooops. As xenBrogan said above.


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James, Forsaken Edrondol the guy needs help and you are playing around :D
this is a problem i am sorry thats your site its been target by those idiot users
maybe block their ip or try to enable the captcha if these group are spamers
wish you the best


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