MG 1.1 How can I move Gallery entries from XF to XF


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Can anyone advise how I can get all the Media Gallery entries from 1 instance of XF to another?

I tried copying all the table records from one to another and it went from 311 pages of images in the source to 411 pages of images...uh?

Any help on a step by step would be great

Chris D

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There's not currently a supported way of doing this so it would require custom development.


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Hi Chris, with the massive changes between XF v1.5 and v2 I can see many XF owners will be wishing to have a clean install of has already been mentioned. So you upgrade v1.5 to v2 and then do a migration to a clean install of v2 however there is still no way of migrating the media gallery over even in the case I have highlighted above when merging 2 sites together.

Can you advise if this functionality is ever going to be included especially now given the v2 clean install implications?