How can I get this look?


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Hey Everyone, especially @Chris D ,

On the media/category pages, I want my media titles to appear on mouseover - just like the titles on the recent media that appears on the forum view page. I know we can have them appear in a container, but I like the mouseover better.

Is there a way that can be done? It will look really nice and it will match the other thumbs.

Also, is there a style property that will let me push the pics closer together by increasing their size? The recent thumbs are 169x169, but media page they're 155x155...the larger ones are nicer.

Here's an idea of how I'd like to get it. Of course, only one title will be present at a time. It's just like that because I copy/pasted that row in ms paint.
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Chris D

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You can turn off most of the default thumbnail elements using style properties (XFMG: Thumbnail Elements).

That should go some way to achieve the look you want.

The only thing you would need to add yourself is the title to overlay, styled accordingly to suit.


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what template would that overlay be in?

I'm guessing I could plug this into it:

<h2 class="mediaTitle"><a href="{xen:link xengallery, $item}">{$item.media_title}</a></h2>


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I did it.

Replaced the user name snippet with the title. Then enabled show username on overlay in style properties. kind of a workaround...but works fine.