XF 1.4 How can I create a limited admin from a modertor ?


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I have a guy thats been with me along time and is a Super Moderator, but I want to promote him to a limited admin. Do I need to delete him in the Moderator section then make him a Admin and set limits for user?

I tried just updating him but seems either the moderator is holding it up. I am a Super Admin and Moderator on the site so not sure how to upgrade and fix this.

I tried creating a new group called Site Admin and setting permissions for that but I couldnt add him to it ether.
I remember a bug I had with 1.2.5 and it would lock people out like this and was never resolved I now run 1.4 and thought that was fixed. I do not do user upgrades often so might just be me not doing it right.



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His account shows still him not upgraded though. Hmmm weird. These are settings I seldom mess with.
Do I also have to upgrade him after I add him to the mod and admin as it shows under his info upgrade
if I want add him.


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Ive tried several settings but still does not give permissions that are set. Adjusted the style and it too changes when I type it but wont update it.


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His account shows still him not upgraded though. Hmmm weird.
What do you mean by 'upgraded'?
If you have added him to ACP > Users > Administrators and assigned admin permissions there, then he is an administrator.

Anything related to user group permissions is nothing to do with administrative functionality, it's to do with what users can do on the forums. If that's where the problem is, please be more specific so we can identity what the issue is.

Harpers Tate

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By and large, you can think of it as two systems.

If somebody is an Admin, then they get access to the Admin Control Panel and whichever functions you permit within it. That's all.

This has NO direct effect on access to the "front end" - the bit that users and moderators etc., can see and work. To give extended permissions in the Front End, then you need to give them via User Permissions, and/or User Group Permissions.

The way we do it is - we have a secondary UserGroup (Team - Admin) with the extra front end permissions we want Adnins (only) to have. And we add members who we want to have permissions into that group.