How am I doing (on writing for site X)?


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This is not for a review of the XF layout. This is asking about the writing, content, article layout lending to the blog topic.

I'm to the point of 18 months of tinkering and am open for critique on the writing style of one of the blogs. Only one :)

Why? This blog is the first to be transformed into the new writing style for the network. With so much hyperbole and exaggerations, the hope is to change the network over to steady "objective" articles. Another place on the network is being organized for "debates, hyperbole, etc." The XF forums, though, are designed for discussions.

So .. how am I doing? Is the writing okay? Layout for quick scanning okay? Information okay? Is anything weird? Is there anything awkward? Is anything irritating? Would you change something in these articles so that you'd be interested in coming back to read more articles? Above all, could you see yourself, your friends, coming to this site to contribute? Would you want to write 'objective' articles, too? If not, why not?

So - let me know - this is only one blog. The network itself has so much more work that I'm just concentrating on getting one little area working nicely.

Intentionally left out ads on single page views.
Intentionally created "featured" stories.
Intentionally placed site menu in sidebar (WP categories).

Most categories link to a general discussion forum. Eventually each category would have its own forum.
I wish the article forum threads were updated with each new comment. This would make for a dynamic discussion area below each article.

Thank you for your time and courtesy.

PS. Can you see the irony between the purpose of objectivity and the site domain name?
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