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Fixed Hover state always overrides active when used on links.


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We have style properties for both active and hover state of the button. But they are not equivalent on links. That means even if a button is pushed, some properties will be used from the hover state in priority to the same properties from the active state. This happens only because there is this selector, which uses ’’Button, Hover state property‘‘:
.button:hover, .button[href]:hover, .buttonProxy:hover .button
However, we don't have the same selector for the active state. Instead, we've left only with this:
.button:active, .button.ToggleButton.checked, .buttonProxy:active .button
My guess this was done to prevent conflicts with links, which are represented as buttons, so this selector also applies to them:
Possible solution is to modify active state selector to make it look like this:
.button:active, .button[href]:active, .button.ToggleButton.checked, .buttonProxy:active .button