XF 1.3 Hosting problem


I am using XenForo on a forum (fora.co.uk) which I had intended to upgrade to the latest version of XenForo and then develop further.

Unfortunately about a week ago, the database for the forum exceeded the 500mb limit placed by the hosting service, so I changed to a new hosting package with the same provider with a new size limit (1gb).

In order to do this, the XenForo files needed to be moved to a new server with a new copy of the database. The hosting service said they would do this for me.

Unfortunately, this has not worked out for them and so I currently have no forum :(

The hosting service cannot understand what the problem is and have asked me to ask the XenForo team if they can shed some light. This is their last message to me:

"Thank you for contacting 123-reg on the 18th May 2015.

We have checked over the website and sadly we are no closer to finding the cause of this error which we now encounter on the website.
The website has been updated to communicate with the new database on your new hosting package, however we encounter an Internal Server Error (500), see the error below:
fora.co.uk [Mon May 18 17:52:40 2015] [error] [client] End of script output before headers: index.php
We have checked over the common causes by CMS such as .htaccess files and basic PHP settings, with no luck. This is likely triggered by the change on platform, but the exact cause cannot be located.
My advice now would be that you contact XenForo to see if they have any advice on a possible cause.

If we can be of any further assistance to this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

123-Reg Support"

I would be really grateful if someone could shed some light on this problem and how it can be solved as I would really like to have my forum back up and working again :)

Thanks in advance.



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I'd be asking them to confirm if the new server is built and configured the same as the old one they have migrated you from. Are they running the same Apache handler and php version? The fact you are getting errors since they have moved your site, suggests it's a configuration issue with the new server.


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A rule of thumb that I live by when doing any sort of transfer of my site is to ask that a FULL CPANEL BACKUP be done and made available. Even if I end up not needing it the peace of mind is priceless. I hope that they get you sorted out quickly!!!

Thanks for the reply Matt. I contacted the hosting service again this morning and they said that the new server is running PHP version 5.5 whereas the old one is running PHP version 5.6. Could this be the problem?

The guy I spoke to also said that they had no plans to update the new server to run PHP 5.6 anytime soon. I would really appreciate your advice on what my next move should be.

For the meantime, I did ask the hosting service to point my site back to the old server and db to maybe give me a chance to log in and reduce the size of the db (by deleting old users etc) and so allow a read-only version of the forum to be available.


( I have also ordered "Web Hosting For Dummies" on Amazon :) )