Hostgator and Xenforo compatability

I probably should have asked this BEFORE I purchased the xenforo license, but is Xenforo compatible with HostGator shared accounts? I have my own server thats dedicated to my computer that can be used to upload files, but I have a Shared Account. I hope its compatable as I can't wait to use the software.


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It should be, provided they run the latest php version. But to make real certain, you can download the test script at the bottom of this page and run it in your shared host. That would give if your host meets the requirement to use xenforo or not.
Thank, @Jim Kingsnorth that is very good to know. That is my biggest concern, as I will be running a lot of add ons on my forum. I may have to upgrade my hostgator account, but if it all works out the way I think it will, it will be worth the upgrade.

Ernest L. Defoe

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@whynot thanks, I will keep that in mind. As mentioned above, I might have to upgrade my account on HostGator.
If you are gonna possibly upgrade your HostGator account in the future I'd recommend looking for a new host that keeps servers updated with the latest OS kernels, php, mysql, etc as HG is kinda far behind compared to some other hosts. I know @Mike Edge offers great hosting and @The Dark Wizard is apparently pretty good too. I have a VPS with Mike and I'm loving it. I have control of what's installed what the settings are and so on.