Hostgator and Xenforo compatability


I probably should have asked this BEFORE I purchased the xenforo license, but is Xenforo compatible with HostGator shared accounts? I have my own server thats dedicated to my computer that can be used to upload files, but I have a Shared Account. I hope its compatable as I can't wait to use the software.
Thank, @Jim Kingsnorth that is very good to know. That is my biggest concern, as I will be running a lot of add ons on my forum. I may have to upgrade my hostgator account, but if it all works out the way I think it will, it will be worth the upgrade.
@whynot thanks, I will keep that in mind. As mentioned above, I might have to upgrade my account on HostGator.

If you are gonna possibly upgrade your HostGator account in the future I'd recommend looking for a new host that keeps servers updated with the latest OS kernels, php, mysql, etc as HG is kinda far behind compared to some other hosts. I know @Mike Edge offers great hosting and @The Dark Wizard is apparently pretty good too. I have a VPS with Mike and I'm loving it. I have control of what's installed what the settings are and so on.
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