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Pre-sale question- compatability


I am looking to purchase Xenforo for use among multiple people on a state grant from various institutions (as both a discussion board and resource/news page). Can you please let me know if you are 64 bit and compatible with Windows 7 before I purchase?

Thank you,
Erica Hirsh


XenForo moderator
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XenForo is typically installed on a server, however you would be able to run it on Win 7 64 bit using something like XAMPP.
Thank you for your quick response! Another quick question- will it be possible to purchase 1 license for my computer and have multiple users access my blog/forum? Will they need to set up Xenforo accounts or will they be able to access, post, etc. using a unique link I will get?

Thank you!


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You will need a domain (URL) and hosting (a server) in order to have a publicly accessible forum.

There is no limit to the number of members/users with a single license.
Hi Brogan,

I received an email from Claudio offering to help me get my Xenforo site started. He sent me an email with a proposal to pay $349 for 3 months for the monthly maintenance service for 3 months.

I am hoping that I can set up my site without having to pay more. My first question to him was regarding how to begin the setup and installation process- I am unclear. Perhaps someone can help me? I already paid for the site and resource manager and would like to get this up and running as soon as possible.

I first found this website:


When I clicked on “Xenforo Customer Area”, I see my license.

When I clicked on “enter your site information” I see a field to input my Site Title and Site URL.

What is my site information- can I create my own title and create my own site URL? For example, can I create a site URL of www.IMRPTask2.org or .com?

If you can please let me know about this and the specific steps spelled out in order to download and install, I would greatly appreciate it. I have someone in IT at my hospital who can install it for me on my computer, but I can’t get beyond the above.

Also another general question: once my site is up and running, can I give the link out to people to contribute/comment/view or do they need to sign up with a Xenforo login in order to use the site?

I appreciate help in advance, just to set this up.

Thank you!


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You can install xenforo very easily by simply following the steps mentioned in the install guide.

It will be better if people registered to your forum in order to post. Whereas forum viewing can be open to everyone if you want it that way.


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What is my site information- can I create my own title and create my own site URL? For example, can I create a site URL of www.IMRPTask2.org or .com?
You will need to purchase a domain (URL) and host (server) in order to install XF.

Installation is fairly straightforward but we do offer an installation service for $50 which you can purchase from your customer area.
Thank you, Brogan. Approximately how much does it cost to purchase a domain (URL) and host (server)? I am hosting it on our hospital's network if that makes a difference.


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If you are installing it on your own network, then you likely won't need a domain or hosting, as it would be installed on the server currently used for the network.
Thanks. I appreciate your quick replies as I am new at this. If I purchased the $50 installation service, would Xenforo be able to help walk me through this to get my site up and running? What else does the $50 installation service include?


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There is a form you need to complete from within your customer account which lists all of the information required to enable us to do the installation.

We will need the domain, FTP connection details, MySQL database details, and admin account information.