XF 1.5 homepage with no header


Please I'm trying to create a new homepage for my forum. I want to do this by removing the header, navbar and logo totally from the homepage without affecting other pages. Please how do I achieve this.

I am actually looking at creating a home page like the one on xenforo.com which will have a custom content in it.

What I need now is what the content of the xenforo template layout will contain and where the css customization will go (extra.css or custom css template).



Please how can I move my xenforo installation to a different directory on my server such that final URL will look this way mywebsite.com/forums

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ok so you a a few thing you want to do here. My suggestion would be for you to provide examples either by showing us screen shots or a website that has this custom work that you want done. To answer the question about mywebsite.com/forums
is a simple task.
You would just need to create a sub folder inside the (public_html folder) on your sever called forum
then you install or move your xenforo to this folder called forum
lets take my website for example.
public_html/oo5dynasty.com/forum <--- xenforo is inside the forum folder

Now when you go to the forum on your website the link will look like www.mywebsite.com/forum because it is showing the contents inside the forum folder which would be xenforo. This will leave your main directory open for you to create a custom home page for your website.
So inside of the public_html/ you will upload the index.html file and all of the content that goes along with this file to create the home page for www.mywebsite.com Then you will need to have a link to access the forum from this home page.

So Your website will look like this.
www.mywebsite.com ( home page )

www.mywebsite.com/forum ( your forum )

In order to make changes to your xenforo installation i recommend doing this first.
Make a copy of the default xenforo style because you do not want to edit your only default style. You want to always start with a new style before making changes to your board.
as you can see in this image my default style has no been touched, and i am using the one the arrow is pointing to. http://prntscr.com/egizv1

So when you want to make non destructive changes to your style that is easy to find when you need to edit or remove the code, is in the extra.css template.
So if you are looking to remove something from a template in xenforo, and not remove it from other templates you need to specify that in the code.

So if i wanted to remove the title bar from my main forum page only, the code would look like this.
.forum_list .titleBar {
display: none;

.forum_list- Is the template i wanted to remove the title from
display: none; Is what removes it from view
You have to play around with this to see how it works.
This code would go inside of the extra.css template.

Watch this Video cause this is where i learned how to remove or edit what i wanted in xenforo.

You can register to my site to peep it. www.oO5dynasty.com


I'm really very grateful for this info you have provided me. I appreciate your concern and effort used in typing this out. This is exactly the information i needed.

My forum is an existing forum. And it was installed in the root folder (public_html/). Now if i move it to a subfolder such as /forums, would I need to edit .htaccess and the config.php files?

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So i had a similar problem, because i installed my site into the (public_html/) because i wanted my profile pages to be like this. www.oo5Dynasty.com/jay-z
or www.oo5dynasty.com/carter.

This is how i had it but i ran into a huge problem with tryin to create a custom home page which needs to be in the (public_html/) directory. So I was forced to Move my xenforo board to a subdirectory call user. So now my site is www.oO5dynasty.com/user/kayne if you get my drift.
To move your forum to the new directory of your choice you should follow these steps. Number 1 go to your web host and go into your cpanel and back up your website. I was able to down load my entire site on to my hard drive by backing it up thru my hosting provider. Took like 5 min i think if that. After you back up your site to you hard drive you can go to your ftp program and start the process of moving the files. It is as simple as a Click and drag.

in the picture i am pointing to the folder i dragged all of the xenforo files into.

You just need to make sure you are draggin every single file that needs to go in this new folder, including the .htaccess and the config.php files
Basically any new folder that were created from add-ons installed, and all of the files that come with xenfors default installation. What i did was i downloaded xenforo again and unzipped it to extracted it to a folder. Then i looked at all of the files that are inside of the upload folder, and matched it up with the files that are in my (public_html/) directory on the server. Then i just selected all the files and dragged everything over at one time.
then You need to run the xenforo upgrade if i am not mistaking, and change all the information in http://prntscr.com/egjl75
basic board information.

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One reson i say back up the site and then start to move the xenforo installation to the directory of choice, is because You might need to replace the .htaccess file. When i moved my forum to the new directory i moved the .htaccess file with it because u need to. Then i went into the Back up folder of my site and found the .htaccess file and moved it into my (public_html/) directory. So same .htaccess file but in 2 directories on my server. You just don't want the (public_html/) to start acting funny because the file is missing, which happened to me when i wanted to create my home page after the move. Just a quick side not for you to always have a copy of your files if you need them feel me.


Wow. That's great. Well finally I've achieved the exact result I wanted. Not with your method though. But with the add on I mentioned above. Thanks for your effort and and the help.

You can check my custom website home page here www.6ters.com. please let me know what you feel.