XF 2.2 Homepage URL wrong?



This isn't really a problem, more in terms of an odd situation as I'm trying to set up a custom page for my forums. But recently I noticed that my homepage url comes up as (and I'll just use a placeholder name for the domain name in the url) https://www.randomwebsitename.com/pages/homepage/ instead of just https://www.websitename.com . Instead, the https://www.randomwebsitename.com directing me to the forums, and not my homepage. How do I change it so my domain url is directing to my homepage instead and not my forums? I'd like to get this fixed so I can link my domain url to my custom page eventually for people to land on.

For further information, my Home page URL is set to https://www.randomwebsitename.com/pages/homepage/ and my Board URL is set to https://www.randomwebsitename.com

Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!
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