XF 2.2 Homepage URL Redirects to Forum Subdirectory - How to Fix?


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I have a fresh install of Xenforo in a subdirectory within public_html on the server (exampledomain.com/forum). I have friendly urls enabled, have indicated a board url within ACP options (https://exampledomain.com/forum) and have enabled board URL canonicalization. My homepage url is a different static homepage url pointing to the root domain (exampledomain.com)

The problem I am having is on some browsers after entering the root domain (exampledomain.com) I am automatically redirected to the forum url (exampledomain.com/forum). Can anyone tell me how to fix this? (Sorry newbie here) Do I need to change something in the htaccess file?

I have also made sure to clear my browser cache.

Thank you
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setup / options / basic options
Index Page Route setting will control that.
I deleted "/forum" from the Index Page Route and left it blank. I cleared the cache, but on Safari it still seems to push me to domain.com/forum when entering the main url. Should I add something different in the Index Page Route field?
Thank you
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