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XF 1.5 homepage edit

Brad P

Well-known member

How do i got about removing the title bar from the homepage, i understand you can do this

.titleBar h1 {
  display: none;
but that removes the text from the message layout also, only want it removed from homepage​


Brad P

Well-known member
That won't help bud, i wan't to remove it

Questions and Answers:
Q: Is it possible to delete the work "Forums" and not show anything when the Forums tab is clicked?
A: No.
Still trying to find the correct template to remove if from only the homepage

Brad P

Well-known member
sure i got you there mate, but its not as easy as it shows.

I can create an id before the class to remove it but the only location i can find is the page_container but it still removes the titles from my threads, just want the home page.

i have located the <div class="titleBar"> > PAGE_CONTAINER then i search for the class and i add the id="remove_hometitle" add to extra.css yes it removes from homepage but it also removes from all threads


XenForo moderator
Staff member
but its not as easy as it shows.
It really is.

The template name is not PAGE_CONTAINER.
It is whatever template is being used for your home page.

If you're using my add-on, there's a style property to remove the page title.

Brad P

Well-known member
The S0rethumbs community i want to remove, i have unchecked the SP for your addon Brogan, it still displays on my end.
what do you mean? i have already said that the code you give me removes also the thread discussion title as well using that, i also found other threads on this but i am stumped

but again i am not able remove it



Well-known member
You can surround the h1 with:
<xen:if is="!{$isIndexPage}">
... h1 stuff...
For the above, if it is not the index page, no h1 title, otherwise display the h1 title. However, that will work on forum home, I never used a portal so can't say it will work for you.