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How do i got about removing the title bar from the homepage, i understand you can do this

.titleBar h1 {
  display: none;

but that removes the text from the message layout also, only want it removed from homepage​


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That won't help bud, i wan't to remove it

Questions and Answers:
Q: Is it possible to delete the work "Forums" and not show anything when the Forums tab is clicked?
A: No.

Still trying to find the correct template to remove if from only the homepage
sure i got you there mate, but its not as easy as it shows.

I can create an id before the class to remove it but the only location i can find is the page_container but it still removes the titles from my threads, just want the home page.

i have located the <div class="titleBar"> > PAGE_CONTAINER then i search for the class and i add the id="remove_hometitle" add to extra.css yes it removes from homepage but it also removes from all threads
The S0rethumbs community i want to remove, i have unchecked the SP for your addon Brogan, it still displays on my end.
thats what i mean :D
what do you mean? i have already said that the code you give me removes also the thread discussion title as well using that, i also found other threads on this but i am stumped

but again i am not able remove it


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You can surround the h1 with:
<xen:if is="!{$isIndexPage}">
... h1 stuff...
For the above, if it is not the index page, no h1 title, otherwise display the h1 title. However, that will work on forum home, I never used a portal so can't say it will work for you.
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