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Good morning.

I have seen several sites that have a "home page" set up. under the url it says www.anysite.com/portal.

Where do I go to create this page, and is there away to have it be the default page when someone visits the site. meaning /portal need not be typed in?



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There are several ways to achieve this.

The easiest is to design and create the page and name it e.g. home.php and save it in your web root.
Then in your .htaccess file add this: DirectoryIndex home.php

Anyone then browsing to your domain will automatically see the home.php page without it being displayed in the address bar. Like so: www.cliptheapex.com

Another option is to use a Page and follow Shadab's instructions: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/library-set-your-own-route-controller-as-homepage.10156/

Using a Page will ensure it looks and behaves exactly like the rest of the forum.