Holy Spammer attack Batman!


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Seems like Xenforo could use some spammer tools themselves. In just a few minutes, there have been like ten spam threads started and no mods online to deal with them. Why doesn't this site incorporate one of the many spammer plugins that use the spam databases to keep spammers out?
Agree. It's relentless.
I had a few forums that regrettably haven't devoted much time to but ended up closing them due to the volume of spam registrations.
Hit "new threads" and half of them are spam. Yikes! This looks like a test forum that I left and forgot about for a year only to return and find the database over 100 MB full of spam.

You'd think just a few of the common tools along with manual member activation would do the job........
elder members should propose the idea of community voting on a few select / trustworthy "elders" with some "moderator abilities".. and perhaps a few from different time-zones as well. that way they could help the current staff team when normal staff aren't around here, like an extension arm to the team. not necessarily more moderators, just normal elder members with some capabilities.

I like the idea! Just rights to use the spam cleaner to soft delete, nothing else. Not moderators, but SpamCops. :D
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Seems like Xenforo.com could use some spammer tools themselves.

We need to have some spam volunteers & community moderation.


clicking the spam link would send the post into moderation.

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