Hiring App Developers

I am just going to copy+paste what I wrote on my own forums. I am looking for an app developer because Tapatalk has become way too expensive for my liking.

"Hi Everyone,

Most of you may have noticed that the Coldplaying app has been removed from the IOS app store and has not been working so well on Android lately. This is mostly due to lack of funding for the app. For a small site like Coldplaying, it is not viable to continue development on our app.

App Costs
Tapatalk BYO - $40/mo
Apple Developer License - $99/yr
Google Developer License - $25/yr
Total - $604/yr (+ any extra costs)

As of today, we will no longer be supporting the app and pretty soon it will be removed from the Play Store. You will still be able to use the app but once you uninstall it, it will be gone forever. We simply cannot afford to continue with the app and even if we offer it as a paid product, the small amount of users would never be able to cover the costs.

However we are looking for a developer who can create a coldplaying app for us that will support the Xenforo API and Wordpress. If you are a developer or happen to know one, please email me at stephen@coldplaying.com or drop me a PM here. This would eliminate the tapatalk BYO charged every month but we would have to pay a one time fee to the developer which could prove to be quite expensive.

Thank you for your interest in the Coldplaying App!"
I'm going to be honest and a 1 time fee would be lucky.

What about updates, security, changes to xf core (going forward xf2 is coming!).

Your also looking for a developer to make both an android and iOS app...

It's taken @Slavik quite some time to put together an iOS app.

I abandoned the apps due to almost zero return on revenue. And like you the costs and time required to maintaining the app is quite high. And supporting the app can be a very thankless task.

Perhaps your better focusing on a "web app" and responsive design of xenforo.

You can Google manifest for chrome and work from there.

You could ask users to add your site to the home screen and see how it goes!

Let us know how you get on.
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