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Hello everyone,

I have over 10 years of experience working with web development. I also have experience working with big boards; currently, I maintain a forum which has over 30 million posts.

You are welcome to check out my resources which I have shared in XenForo since I became a member of this community.

What I offers:

What you will receive:
  • A professional service, experienced and bugs free
  • Best performance for your boards
  • Quick support

How to contact:
You can contact to me on XenForo or on my support forum


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I was impressed with truonglv's git commits on projects with xfrocks and other big names, but the speed and care he's given my personal projects is beyond expectation. truonglv's solutions are often better than my requests; he thinks of features and problems that never occurred to me.


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This developer is just Amazing.
I have work in the past with several XenForo developers. Those development costs were either far too expensive, or the specified development times were very long

With @truonglv I got solve both. He is very fast, his work is very qualitative and affordable.

He developed for me Payment Gateway and a small resource voting addon for XF.

I can only recommend him to everyone. In any case, I will be happy to work with him again in the future.

Mr. Jinx

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(y) Highly recommended!

I asked @truonglv to make a private add-on.
Before I asked truonglv, I asked a few other devs but they were too busy, or could not make it within a reasonable amount of time.

After sharing my idea, he came with an estimated price and timeframe which was more than reasonable.
The add-on was ready within the timeframe and worked right away, 100% what I asked, no errors.
I also checked his code. Looks solid and clean. This guy knows what he is doing.

I had an additional request which he added in just a few minutes.
The whole proces went smooth and I'm happy with my new add-on.
Definitely going to make use of his services again.