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Hi everyone,

I have over 15 years of experience working with clients on a variety of PHP projects, ranging from developing complete web applications to modifying existing functionality on popular CMS's.

I have extensive coding practice building add-ons and adding features to XenForo, as well as synchronizing and integrating it with other software (WordPress, Joomla, Discord etc).

I've also done a large amount of work modifying and building on other major add-ons (e.g. XenForo Importers, XFMG, DragonByte eCommerce, Siropu Ads Manager).

You are welcome to check out the free resources I recently posted as a show of skill.

What you will receive:

A professional, experienced and honest coder to help you build custom features for your XenForo installation.​
Emphasis on application performance, clean code and best practices.​
Quick communication (by text or voice) and full follow up support.​

Feel free to contact me describing the project you have in mind :)

Talk soon, Gigi.

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@gigipmc Good to see you on here! The XF community will benefit from your involvement I'm sure.

I can vouch for Gigi's skills, having worked with him for 10 years on various projects. He's one of those rare coders who you can tell an idea to and they will make it happen, figuring out the details like database structure themselves, instead of having to have every detail spelled out. He delivers code that actually works, without needing a lot of back and forth to fix bugs. I also recommend him for always keeping his PHP skills up-to-date, he seems to take pride in getting things done in the most efficient, modern way, which makes him a great fit for Xenforo of course!
Gigi is an amazing dev. He is super experienced and super kind. I wanted a custom addon and he messaged me and he was super professional about the addon. The addon was perfect and it serves its puprose super well, and is easy to use. He is very kinda and very patient as there were some issues and he sat yesterday all day helping me fix it. He is super easy to communicate and he is very respectful too. Any addon i want from now on gigi will take care of it.
Also HE MADE THE ADDON AND THEN I PAID HIM. This is the best thing as he worked without payment, we tested the addon and then he got paid.
Thanks Zino! True, stabilizing that websocket listener definitely took some crunching. At least we're Linux veterans now ;)
@gigipmc did an amazing job for my forum.
He built a complex custom addon (he is a very experienced developer)
And he was kind enough to consider some subsequent changes I needed to make.
I will only work with @gigipmc for my upcoming needs!
Words can't explain how satisfied I am with @gigipmc 's and the addon he created me.
I had been told everything from "that isn't possible" to "Ill have to make a custom script for $800" from other people .... In 24 hours Gigi was able to create a fully functioning plugin for exactly what I needed at less than 1/4 of the cost.

Everyone should do themself a favor and message him first for any of your development needs. I'm absolutely blown away.
I add my voice to the chorus of praise for @gigipmc. The biggest problem we had was me finding time to test his add-on. He delivered something for us quickly and exactly to spec, and for a great price, too.

I hired @gigipmc to do an add-on for integrating Wordpress Posts/WooCommerce products as a widget and he was able to deliver the add-on quickly matching all the requirements that myself and @kolakube had specified.

He also went above and beyond to help resolve an edge case issue to ensure that the add-on works perfectly for me.
@gigipmc did a great job with delivering the add-on I needed. He was very responsive to my requests and even frequent changes mid-course. Highly recommend him and would definitely work with him again for any custom add-ons!
I just finished my first custom add-on with @gigipmc at the steering wheel. I am pleased with the quality of service he provided. He was attentive to the specifications I supplied beforehand, worked hard on the details of the implementation, and was patient and resilient in the final stages of testing, when "almost done" had to be polished and finalized as "done."
I've been enjoying Gigi's approach and talent for few months and cannot be more happy. I consider myself lucky to have found him, here on this thread in fact. The sites project included rebuilding a dated small-med sized PHP code base from 5.6 to 8, adding and integrating XF to serve as member subscription management for the sites new content paywall and then adding new html and WP widgets for my content on other sites.

My site would likely be shut down by now if I hadn't found him, and now for the first time in years I'm proud of it and it's being received well by the visitors. Thank you my friend. I'll be in touch soon on the next project.
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@gigipmc has just produced a custom add-on for me which I'm very pleased with. Working with him was a great experience and he seems reasonably priced so I strongly recommend him to anyone else looking for some custom development!
He's one of those rare coders who you can tell an idea to and they will make it happen, figuring out the details like database structure themselves, instead of having to have every detail spelled out.

@gigipmc It sounds like you are under-describing yourself in the title. It sounds to me you are in fact an engineer and not just a developer!
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