Lack of interest Highlight Forums Tab And Show TabLink While Searching


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Search is not with a particular tab because it relates to multiple ones. In theory we could change the tab for that page, but then the results wouldn't be in the tab anyway.


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I thought about that semantics which you are referring to. But then I thought, what all we can search for, comes under nodes, be it a discussion thread or a page. Do we have anything else to search (other than members, which is not included in this search page anyway)? If my above argument is right then I would add, even the result page related directly to the that same space. In my opinion, it was just a clever utilization of a free space to provide additional navigation options. But of course XenForo team has better experience about web user experience.


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The search framework has been designed to expand with future functionality.

So while it's true that currently it only returns results from posts, that won't always be the case.