Hiding browser address bar on mobile


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I thought I would ask this here as it's not really anything to do with XF itself.

Anyway, I've been looking for a way to hide the browser address bar on mobile devices so that when the page loads, the bar is hidden until the user scrolls down. I've tried multiple ways that I have came across while hunting in Googleland, but nothing seems to work at all.

Does anyone here know how it can be done? If at all?

Thank you
I don't think it's something that you can control. On Chrome at least when you scroll down the page on a mobile device, the address bar disappears until you start scrolling up again.
Long time ago in desktop browsers you could do that by adding few parameters to popup window in JavaScript, however it has been abused and was disabled many years ago. That function was used only for phishing and annoying popups.

Today it cannot be done in any browser, not desktop and not mobile.
That's a shame, but not a huge problem really, it would just look nicer without the address bar being at the top on every page load. With not much screen space, you would think that mobile browsers would be designed natively to hide until the user scrolls it down.

Thank you for your replies guys (y)
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