XF 1.5 Hide the Tags input field for usergroups without permission


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Does anybody know how I can hide the Tags input field for usergroups without permission when creating a thread?

At the moment it still shows but gives an error when non-permitted users attempt to use it - 'You may not create new tags. Please change the following tags: '

If I set permissions to Never then it doesn't show the input field. However giving permissions to higher usergroups also won't show the field to them.

I've added <xen:if is="{xen:helper ismemberof, $visitor, x}"> around the tagging code in the thread_create template to only show this to my higher usergroup for the moment. I'd still like to understand why the issue is occurring though. :unsure:

Also for some reason, the higher usergroup seems to have permission to add tags to other user's threads even though Analyze Permissions confirms that Tag Thread by Anyone is set to No. Setting it to Never fixes it but is not ideal.

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Based on the wording of the message, it sounds like you're just blocking people from creating new tags, not tagging their thread (using an existing tag). If they can't tag their thread, they won't see the block.

In terms of moderators, the "Manage tags by anyone" will automatically imply the ability to add tags to threads.