XF 1.4 Hide Quick Reply Avatar and Extend Quick Reply Editor


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I am working on a new style and I'd like to remove the quick reply avatar and then increase the width of the quick reply editor to fill that space. How can I accomplish this?

To use @Nights' words:

Nights on Skype said:
[5/17/2015 11:13:33 PM] Jordan: The quickreply avatar could also be removed as it's not really necessary. I know I've voiced my fondness for it in the past but it's basically just saying, "Hey, remember the avatar you uploaded/linked? Yeah, this is what it looks like and it's going to be displayed with your post.


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Edit the template and comment out or remove the avatar block, then increase the width of the editor to fill the gap, or it may be a left margin.

I posted specific instructions a while ago.