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Hide Polls in Specific Forums


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Hide Polls in Specific Forums - Hide polls that you don't want.

This doesn't actually disable one's ability but there's no way that I know to create a poll without going through the actual thread creation process. So this removes the poll from view.

I will go through the steps of allowing specific usergroups to view poll creation options as well as show you how to remove it from specific forums.

First login to your admincp and go to Appearance -> Templates -> thread_create *Make...

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Was just looking for this.

Here is a suggestion....

Change this

<xen:if is="in_array({$forum.node_id}, array(#))">
<xen:else />


<xen:if is="!in_array({$forum.node_id}, array(#))">


When working with arrays, the ! is placed just before the argument.
For example, <xen:if is="in_array({$forum.node_id}, array(x, y, z))"> for true, <xen:if is="!in_array({$forum.node_id}, array(x, y, z))"> for false.