Hide Most Downloaded tab for fileless resources


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I believe the proposed suggestion is impractical, this should apply only if you don't have no categories with Download file types checked. Otherwise, how do you filter resources that belong to different categories and are of Download type? The implemented solution is proper, if you deal with the scenario where no Download file types are present in any category, simply delete the tab from template like I did:
https://www.axivo.com/ (no tab present)
https://www.axivo.com/resources/ (tab present)


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No, is a custom setup we have implemented. As you noticed, things are pretty different and will become even more different as we work on it to improve the articles functionality.


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Until there is a file-based resource added to RM, there should not be this tab if all you have so far is filesless resources such as guides, tutorials, etc.
Yeah, this is going to be a problem for us. I guess a template edit would solve it for now. However, it makes no sense to have anything to do with downloads listed when there are no downloads.