Hide Members Online from Guest (Side bar) [Deleted]

Adam Howard

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TheVisitors submitted a new resource:

Hide Members Online from Guest (Side bar) (version 1.0) - Will hide who is logged from guest in from within the side bar

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This will prevent guest from seeing who is online.

It is always wise to backup before adding any modification, skin, tweak, edit, or add-on. Please do responsibly. ;)

Template: sidebar_online_users

Look for

<xen:edithint template="sidebar.css" />
Should be the 1st line.

Directly under it add

<xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id}">
Will look like when done

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alternative: in any ad_... template create a condition for guests to make the area invisible:

<xen:if is="{$visitor.user_group_id} == 1">
<style> .membersOnline {display:none} </style>
When looking at HTML code you can see the list. So only go this approach if this is more of a cosmetic reason for you, not a privacy reason.


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This worked for me - thanks!
Strangely enough, the one submitted by Brogan and with the template mods did not work....threw an error, even though I tried it a number of time both manually and with the template mod pack.

Adam Howard

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Question: I noticed you listed this as Open Source. Does that mean I can use this in another modification, add-on, template, skin, or 3rd party product of my own design, to release and distribute?

Answer: YES. When labelled as such (almost all of my resources are), you are completely free to use whatever free open source I have shared. However, please give credit where is it due (as with any other open source code). :)

Hristo Avramov

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Does it remove unregistered users from just entering the url? Will they be able to enter the page like that or it will be closed for them?



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Does this work with 1.3.4?

EDIT: It's still showing to guests.

As per the instructions, How do I do this --> Rebuilt Templates