XF 2.2 Hide emails from admins


Hi, I run a community where we need to give a significant number of people access to manage user's usergroups. However this also allows them to view the entire contents of the users account edit page, including their email.

It is quite unnecessary to allow admins to view users personal details just so they are able to modify their usergroup tickboxes, is there a way to allow for modifying usergroups without being able to see users email and other personal information?
Giving a large group of people admin access is not a good approach. In general, you want to focus on least level of privilege possible. what you want to do is not really possible out of the box.

In your case, i would make an addon to do this.
Users in "special mod group" can see the altergroups.php custom addon you made which shows nothing more than the username and the list of groups to add. Perhaps, it's even a modal on the user postbit to do it without ever leaving the thread or profile view.

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