Hide Administrator and Moderators


Is there a way to hide User of the Admin- and Moderatorgroups from the Memberlist?

Thank you for your help.


i mean the memberlist from your link above. i would like to not display those users who are in the admin or moderator group. actually they are listed an flagged as administrator.

Chris D

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The only thing that identifies them as staff is their user title.

Are you saying that you don't want people's User Titles to display?


Lawrence is a moderator of this forum, and his title there is XenMod thus revealing him as a moderator. Is that the bit you want to remove?


should they be really invisible?
also not shown in newest members & top posters block?

i've checked the code and it seems that you would need an add-on for this


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Yes this should definitely be added. If you read :

Do NOT use your Super Administrator account to address anyone, make any announcements, or do anything that could associate it as you or anything officially associated with your site. The point is so that no one knows what your Super Administrator account is. Make a hello thread, post a few simple replies, so it's not just an account with 0 post, then leave it alone.
It would be easier if we can hide the super admins from the memberlist and hidden from public (If there is a way please let us know!)


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My reply was entirely to the OP and his usage.

However, if there were an addon to hid members, I would definitively get it for other users, eg what you suggested.


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As i requested in my thread too, is there a way to have a button to sort the list in more than one way, eg button: "Sort by Posts" If I hit the button, posts are sorted by number of posts.

Jake Bunce

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