Not a bug Hidden folder, posts within not hidden

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2.2.6 patch 2
So, I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a feature, but it's a bug to me!

I created a node and did not include it in the directory by unchecking "Display in the node list". I did this because I wanted to post a number of story contest entries ahead of the midnight deadline so that at midnight, I could simply make the folder visible, and the contents.

Well, imagine my surprise when I double checked my work, three stories in, when I logged out as an Admin and logged in as a regular user and went to New Posts and found the stories listed! Worse, I was able to click and go right to them! Ack!

My thought is that if the directory is not in the node list, nothing within should be accessible either unless you know the exact URL.

Am I wrong?

I guess what I will need to do is create the directory in an Admin only section, and post there, with only me having access.
What I usually do with something like that is set the node permissions to "Private node" and then assign access only to groups that should see it. When you're ready to "unveil" you can either take "Private node" off or add permissions for Registered Users.

Or I have a private node that only I have rights on where I prepare things, then move them to the appropriate public node when the time comes, using an add-on to fix the date and time appropriately.
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