Hidden CSS cache?! Including CSS simply doesnt work :/


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I've been stuck with this issue for a week or so now.

Basically I'm trying to include a stylesheet (that is a template created via the admin area) with the following code:

<xen:edithint template="some-stylesheet.css" />
However the style is NOT being included. Tried on a fresh installation too and its just not adding the stylesheet full stop. Checked though web inspector (Safari) and firebug and there are no sources for the elements which the sheet would be working on.

Is there some kind of hidden cache on the css.php file? (assuming it is css.php that handles custom css includes). If so, why is there no ability to re-cache this? :/


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May I give you an 'e-hug'? :D

Thanks very much - cant believe it was that simple...not sure why there are templates using the 'edithint' then...I pulled it from around the sidebar in the page_container IIRC. Must have changed after beta1 or something :confused:


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The "edithint" tag is used to give a hint to the IDE about related templates when you are editing via WebDAV. Editors like Dreamweaver will pre-fetch those related templates when you open a particular template for editing.
It's used by the editor in the admin CP too, to add additional tabs. Generally speaking, edithint is only used for stuff that you would logically want to edit (eg, something that could be 2 levels of includes down) or something that was already included globally (such as the header CSS).