Hi there!

Im new on this community, i dont know in which forum post my presentation.

But i go to use this.
My name its Pablo Macaluso from Argentina, i have a biggest community forum (www.forondanga.com) its using vbulletin, but i want to migrate to xenForo, because its amazing, the speed, the design, everything. I will try buy a license.

Thanks!, and welcome me! :p
Hi, and welcome to our community, Pablo! We are very happy to have your here. :)
Thanks Lawrence, this system forum its amazing!, im very exited to buy them! but i dont have all the money :( maybe more in the future

A question: ¿Why cant see the images attached in the forum or files?



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Hey Pablo welcome to Xen.

If a Los Pumas supporter as well then also a big welcome to the TriNations (or whatever they call it down the line) family, so very happy to have Argentina involved in the competition :)