Hey there

Thought I'd post an introduction, although I couldn't find anywhere to put it besides here, so I guess here's where it will go.

My name is Jordan Lovelle, and I'm a 14 year old web master / designer / developer from Perth, Australia. I started with the internet at 11 years old and have practised and practised ever since then. One of my greatest personal achievements is a theme I did, called Photoshop Bliss.

I've come over from the MyBB site of things. Thought I'd give XF a whirl so I bought it for my "companies" dev site to develop themes and plugins from. I'm not sure how developing themes for XF would go, since it looks a little more complicated than MyBB, but hey, I guess that's the fun in learning.

Hoping to enjoy the Community and learn a little more about what seems to be an awesome forum software.

- Jordan. :giggle: