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Help with our design. Some problem areas (screenshots).


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Hi there. We're very new to XenForo designing, and we're trying to learn it. We bought a license today and so far are very pleased within our tests. We just need to find a host for our forum and finish our design basically. So far I have figured out most of the things, but, I'm having trouble with some areas. I'm wondering if you guys could help me with these?

1: The tab, how can we make the text stand out more? We like the color.​
2. How can we darken those links?​
3. How do we darken these links?​
4. How do we darken the date and username?​
5. How do we darken the number?​
6. How do we darken the numbers?​
7. How do we darken that text in that button?​
8. Can we make more contrast for this? How do we change this link/text color?​
9. We're very happy with this color, but, the text, where do we find the edit for that word New? We want it darker.​
10. How can we change this text area color? And can we change the border?​
11. How do we change this button background?​
How do we darken the text here? And the number?​
And finally...​
How do we get rid of this gradient? We'd like it look a lot more like how the background of #1 above did.​


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Thank you. As it is 2 am I'm heading to bed. We have less than a day to find a new host and finish this now. Woot! Wish us luck!

Edit: Also so I don't forget... How to make post coloring stand out more.


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Okay, that was interesting. And somewhat helpful. :D I like it! Fixed some of them. But, I'm having issues with #2/#3 I have no idea what the CSS code would be to darken those link colors for only that :/

Edit: Nevermind. Because of the CSS I was able to find the right part. :D I just changed the color by clicking it

Edit again: I'm stumped on #4 and #13. Can't figure #4 out. And #13, kept trying. For some reason it retains the same look. We'd like that whole category title block be a solid color.

Edit again: Also stumped on #12. How do we chagne the followers box color title?

Also, if we export the theme, will it remember template changes we made?

Jake Bunce

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4) Edit this template:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> EXTRA.css

Add this code:

.posterDate.muted a
	color: red;
12) Also in EXTRA.css:

.followBlocks .subHeading .text,
.followBlocks .subHeading a
	color: red !important;
13) Also in EXTRA.css:

	background-image: none !important;