XF 1.5 help! strange redirection issue with forum and custom code!!


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I'm not sure if this even related to XF at all, but I'm facing a bizarre error. I run my forum in a TLD. It works perfectly. I'm testing a "front page" with links to the forum and my other site (on another domain). The links to the other site work great, but for some bizarre reason, when you are NOT logged onto the forum, my custom links work:


One to logon, and the other to create an account. But if you ARE logged on, and click either link above, it strangely returns to the new NON-forum front page. Even when the new front page is on a sub-domain such as "/temp" while the forum is a TLD, OR, with the forum under say "/ts" and the front page in the TLD.

I'm using simple Jquery based tabs but I don't see how that would cause this. *It is quite bizarre*. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong??

*Update*: It WORKS on Opera, but not on Edge or Chrome. WTF?? IS this a XF issue??

*Update 2*: I switched it around and put my front page on my other domain, NOT the forum's one, and now it works. So it IS a XF issue?
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If possible I would like to visit your site and reproduce the problem. That might give a better idea of what is going on.
Do you still have time to check it out? I forgot about the bug and moved my forum to the same domain as my other site to make things easier and it is happening again. It only happens on certain browsers and only if you are logged on....



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Nevermind again, I corrected it by simply using a link the forum's home page and no internal links, and it works. Thanks anyway! :)