XF 1.4 Help Please

Charlie J

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I bought XenForo a few hours ago and i installed XenForo fine however i tried to install UI.X and it kept freezing so im currently deleting all the files to reinstall,any chance someone could install it for me.
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When someone is able to help you, they will.

Bumping the thread only an hour and 28 minutes after your last post just annoys people. Staff and regular members alike aren't at your beck and call. Additionally, if you are going to bump, you should at least wait 24 hours before doing so.


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Yes but with buying xenforo it says you get 12 months of support,so im sort of buying this support
Actually it's 12 months of ticket support. These are the community forums and although staff often respond, they aren't obliged to. Also bear in mind it is out of office hours which are Monday to Friday.

You need to tell your host what you have posted about here including the error message you posted.

Charlie J

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Because ive paid $168 of software (and it is including the VAT) and then i get tons of errors etc,their should be 24/7 support for the cost of the software.


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Give your host the same exact information you gave us, which was next to nothing.

XenForo provides excellent value and support for $140 + VAT, but staff are not required to respond on the forums and that support only provides you a guaranteed response via tickets, which is realistically only required and guaranteed during normal office hours.

24/7 support for $168 is not something you realistically find in any small time company.