Awaiting feedback help pages

Affected version


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Overview / first page shows
  • smileys
  • bbcodes
  • cookies
but the pages itself also show
  • terms and rules
  • privacy
both link to /help/something, but call the startpage.

Is there a way to hide all of these pages or some for guests?


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It is no big problem, while we can switch off the pages.
But if there is an option to show/not show these pages (in options, not in help page overview), it should work.


XenForo developer
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I can't say I understand what you're reporting. These links are only displayed if you have the options set to indicate that there is a privacy policy or terms pages. If you set either option to indicate that you don't have these, they won't appear in the help section.


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What should i say. I have forbidden that things and they still where there. Not on the first, but the other pages.
Then i have deactivated them in help section, now they are gone. So i am happy.
With the next client and the next board, i will remember that and show my steps with pictures.