Help Minds Heal


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Very good topic for your site.

Nice use of colours, it feels welcoming. And good use of your page nodes, that is what they are intended for and I don't think many admins utilise them. You can use a route filter to change the word "pages" in the url to be something else, like wellness or info, :)


I think this is a great idea for a website and like someone mentioned the design is very welcoming and friendly. I wish you nothing but the best on your quest to help others

Mr Lucky

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I would not make the hover text bold as it causes the tabs to move - a bit disconcerting. Or make the non-hover bold also.

I lie the general design but I do find the colours a bit jarring on the yes. given the content 'd go for something a bit more soothing.


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IF 16 in 1000 people successfully commit suicide AND 20 times more people try to do it but fail, that means every third person (320 in 1000) trys to commit suicide. You sure about that? o_O


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Not necessarily, the statistic is (albeit outdated now - must find new numbers!) a count of all suicide attempts. Not by individual people. The same person might try multiples times and fail.