Help me make up my mind!

Until a few days ago, I was concentrated and fully decided to purchase the vBulletin software, because it seemed like it was the most powerful and popular forum software.

Now I discovered XenForo and my decision is having a few second thoughts though. I'd like to know a lot more about this software and to make up my mind for my future community. I am already testing a demo and actually considering to use this software. What do the other clients say?


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If you want a billion add on and options (and most likely headaches) go with vbulletin, if you want something new and evolving, with wayyy less headaches, go with xenforo. Both have their plus and negatives but in the short time this product has been out it has not disappointed me and I quite enjoy using it. My members think it's modern and looks great, they enjoy using it too, and that's what matters. vbulletin is history for us.


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If it's a choice between the latest XF and the latest VB then it's not even a competition any more.

VB has gone downhill quickly. XF is still missing a few add ons which some sites might need but I certainly wouldn't recommend VB4 as an alternative.
From what I see until now, I love it - it's amazing, full of features. I might purchase this software, just have to decide with my other partners. Anyway, thanks for the help!

One thing » Is it easy to customize the theme? I mean changing the fonts, a few colors, links etc.


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One thing » Is it easy to customize the theme? I mean changing the fonts, a few colors, links etc.
This is easy. However if you go into deep styling, things are more complex. I have yet seen a xenforo board where i did not recognize xenforo from the start.


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I have been a vBulletin user for some time, I still hold a licence with them as I purchased it out right. I don't renew it anymore, but I have it. I have been an XenForo fan ever since I found it back in whenever it was. I purchased a licence for XenForo as soon as they became available and do not regret it. As soon as I got it installed, I loved it even more than I thought I ever would! The design is sleek and loads up much faster than any other software I have used, and I have used many of the free ones along with both vB and IPB.

If you are wanting something that is going to last long, and is highly customisable by yourself and others, then XenForo is the only board you need to consider!!


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I was the same way actually, and I was very close to being a converted VB fanboy. However, I was introduced to Xenforo and my exact thought was: "That's the sexiest thing I have ever seen! :ROFLMAO: " To this date, I have been a die hard xenforo fan, and I always will be. Considering buying a second license soon actually :)

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If you prefer something that is light-weight, easily customizable, engaging for users, and has a great support community go with xF. However, if you wish to have a bloated, headache to manage, "I can't find where anything important is" for users, and a support community that has most of its population bickering about the bad software then go vB. Choose wisely.