Help me get my head around user groups and account upgrades

Brett Peters

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I am just about to start having a look at XF's registration options and am currently looking at allowing a registered group as well as a paid user group and being new to this I have some questions.

If I set a paid user group as an option to the normal registration then during sign up can one select the paid registration ? or is this only an option once a member ?

Also I am wondering if XF has a way to send separate registration emails depending on which registration option was selected ?

Any input is welcome

Brett Peters

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I know that the manual covers the titles but it obviously does not cover what I posted and although I appreciate the links I just dont know what I can do with them in this case.
Registration for added user groups seems to be a lengthy multistage process so unless it has bee suggested prior I might have to post one.


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Well I already explained that applying for a user upgrade isn't an option at registration - it would require a custom add-on.

The suggestion has already been made - search the suggestions forum.

Brett Peters

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cheers for the update, I did search "registration", "user groups" and "upgrades" in the suggestions forum titles prior to posting.
Am checking those links out now ;)